About Fardhie

Alive History Fardhie from Childhood up to Now

Boy Alif alias Fardhie born on 20 july 1973 at city Tebing Tinggi, and in this time Fardhie already migration to city Medan, Fardhie second child from five brothers, sister name Fardhie oldestest Firanaya Fasa and most the name the youngest in the family Artila Qur’ani Alti Fatahin, there two again blood brother Fardhie they are Almi Anbiya, Aldra Iznul Ghiffari. During six year Fardhie live together mother and the grand mother at city Tebing Tinggi, at that moment also father Fardhie to all day long it as Ustadz famous at city Medan in era year that, father Fardhie named Eddie Hadits Hamid. A English Teacher and a Kunfu Teacher. At year 79’s and mother Fardhie named Radisma Farida. Fardhie migration to city Medan together the mother and gather to return together father and the sister brother. When is little Fardhie spreaded out the friends the man of letters. In age nine year Fardhie can Sang and play guitar, intimate name Fardhie the friends fellow is called boy. When enter school first intermediate Fardhie create song. Fardhie by right often come up in performance programme at the school and be flag ceremony guide. When Fardhie and the friends will gather so Fardhie be seen smallest and cute. At the (time) of Fardhie sit at seat ends high school Fardhie ever broken off school caused by strike schoolteacher by defend the friend and Fardhie even also must out from the school. In the year 1993 Fardhie go to emigrate to city Jakarta to look for experience, at year 1996 Fardhie return to field, the going home from Jakarta Fardhie sudden call the father with the title dady. Since then Fardhie learn sciences Al Koran, Sunnah Rosul and Hadits, even Fardhie a little learn English from the father, know father the exercise Fardhie a university graduate English literature Padjadjaran Bandung (UNPAD) at year 1998 Fardhie return to Jakarta for second the time. Fardhie ever come up to sang at several pothouses exist in Jakarta, but must not go along way because Fardhie must return again to Medan. In the year 2000 till now Fardhie live in city Medan. Now Fardhie already family and has a son that named Arruhu Nahya born on 21 September 1998. But in this time Fardhie not again be accompanied by (The Teacher) beloved the father because the father return to front God of Allah the alive Creator and life on 31 December 2004


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