Religion Actually

It is better we give time a moment to this self for fills substantial spirit, because already to fulfilled well our physical/body everyday. So now moment it mind turn and heart whom we fulfill, if really we still to felt human. I am sure if we still can to a moment give time so that we can wiseer and piety in life this. Every life form certain there final, so properly we can learn from times that already us pass, because only with our substantial result can save our good charity by provision aim alive more true that is hereafter. I want to remind to us all, be careful towards something that can be enemy for us, can through people, or also our self. Because proudest human character. And very careless easy for grateful to alive and die. The above is true advice short this. May can be benefit for us all. Best wishes for us that still at give it opportunity by do good something that and Useful. Under this there a little message may be can at make spiritual input. This world life only is to link to aim alive more eternal. But when do we trapped in world game transitory this so we be human avarice victim still not complete from taste want acknowledgement, Will starve for power, Deceit towards a certain truth and Still many again human avarice forms. Above all for us all don’t ever like the mentioned. Feelingly always will yearn our the return to the alive creator and Life will anticipate us from trapped we this world mirage game. Every worship and Praise to the owner Predicate Status and Identity. Hence we still can sip air and Our resource actualization. Is not suitable when the creation being Has praise exceed it, improper likely when do we forget genesis We as human that already He create to always serve to him In like also sorrow, in ease and difficulty, at moment difficult also glad, that be our consequence as the creature. How does funny when do we only grateful in situation and Condition always glad, like, appropriate our willing, because difficult and glad, difficult and easy be this life pair. Sometimes success, delight can be achieved via failure and difficulty, alive whom we experience, because benefit and disadvantage can come from God, even he is The Creator tests us often via both the things. So with that reason also advisable, try to be more ‘wise, wise in posed transitory life and relative this, because when do we want to return in place proper (heaven) and get the permission, so don’t ever forget life eschatological matters and don’t trapped in this perishable world life game.



Author, Composer, Spiritual Teacher, Mundzir, Mubashir, Da'i, Penasehat Rohaniah by Fardhie
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